Gianluca Croce, Ph.D.

Postal Address:
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Avanzate
Università del Piemonte Orientale
Via V. Bellini 25/g, 
I-15100 Alessandria - Italy

Office Phone: 
+39 0131 360280
Lab Phone:
+39 0131 360358
+39 0131 360250


Skype: gianluca.croce

Main Research Interests:

- Structural study of natural and sinthetyc biomaterials and of their biomineralization processes.
- Characterization  of zeolite-like systems by diffraction techniques.
- Structural investigation of several classes of organic and inorganic compounds of different interest
- Analysis of weak interactions in molecular crystals by comparing X-ray charge density studies with ab-initio calculations.

Professional Skill:

Small Angle X-ray Scattering techniques (SAXS/GISAXS), using synchrotron radiation, to study and characterize low order materials and surfaces. Molecular structure analysis of different compounds  using both experimental and computational tools. The employed experimental techniques were single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction, using both conventional and synchrotron radiation. Classical molecular mechanics and dynamics and ab initio quantum mechanical methods were employed, depending on the features of the studied systems. Involved, since 2005, in the implementation of a novel experimental setup (Raman-XRPD) under non-ambient condition in order to exploit the complementarities of the two techniques. This project is in collaboration with the Swiss Norwegian Beamline BM01 at ESRF (Grenoble, France).