Marco Milanesio Curriculum vitae - September, 30th 2005

Marco Milanesio was born in 1971 in Savigliano (CN), Italy.
Graduate in Chemistry in 1996 at the Faculty of Science of the University of Torino with prof. Davide Viterbo. Ph.D in Chemistry in 2000 at the Faculty of Science of the University of Torino with prof. Davide Viterbo.
Post doctoral position in 2001 (with a bursary from the "G. Donegani" foundation). Since October 2001 he has got a permanent position as researcher at the Faculty of Science of the University of Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro".
During the 1st AIC-SILS joint congress (Trieste, July 2003) was awarded with the "young researcher in crystallography" price.
The research activity is carried out in the field of X-Ray crystallography and Theoretical Calculations. A summary of the main works can be found at the page "highlight" and in the brief  presentation available clicking here..
Physical chemistry, theory and practice of powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, molecular modeling and data mining (Cambridge Structural Database, Protein Data Bank, Inorganic Structural database).
Author of 36 papers on international journals and author or co-author of more than 30 comunications to national and international congresses.


Selected Publications on International Journals

1. M. Milanesio, R. Bianchi, P. Ugliengo, C. Roetti & D. Viterbo - Vitamin C at 120°K: experimental and theoretical study of the charge density -  J. Mol. Struct. (THEOCHEM), 419,  1997, 139-154.

2. Milanesio, M., Ugliengo, P., Viterbo, D., Appendino, G., Ab Initio Conformational Study of the Phenylisoserine Side Chain of Paclitaxel -  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 42, 1999, 291-299.

3. Milanesio, P. J. De Clercq, Sheng-Ze Zhou, M. Sey, D. Viterbo – A model for the non enzymatic BCD cyclization of Squalene - Angew. Chemie, Int. Ed. Engl., 39, 2000, 2861-2863.

4. M. Milanesio, C. Lamberti, R. Aiello, F. Testa, M. Piana, D. Viterbo - Iron location in Fe-silicalites  by synchrotron radiation single crystal X-ray diffractio - J. Phys. Chem. B. (Letter to the Editor), 104, 2000, 9951-9953.

5. Aime S, Diana E, Gobetto R, Milanesio M, Valls E, Viterbo D., Structural and spectroscopic study of the dihydrogen bond in an imine triosmium complxe - Organometallics, 21 (1), 2002, 50-57.

6. Palin, L., Lamberti, C., Kvick, A., Testa, F., Aiello, R., Milanesio, M., Viterbo, D., Single-Crystal Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Diffraction Study of B and Ga Silicalites Compared to a Purely  Siliceous MFI: A Discussion of the Heteroatom Distribution - J. Phys. Chem. B., 107(17), 2003, 4034-4042.

7. Arrais A, Boccaleri E, Croce G, Milanesio M, Orlando R, Diana E., Synthesis, structural and spectroscopic study of the donor-acceptor complexes between fluorene and D-2h cyano molecular building blocks, CrystEngComm, 5, 2003, 388-394.

8. Milanesio M, Artioli G, Gualtieri AF, Palin L, Lamberti C., Template burning inside TS-1 and Fe-MFI molecular sieves: An in situ XRPD study, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125(47), 2003, 14549-14558.

9. Croce G., Frache A., Milanesio M., Marchese L., Causà M., Viterbo D., Barbaglia A., Bolis V., Bavestrello G., Cerrano C., Benatti U., Pozzolini M., Giovine M., Amenitsch H., Structural characterization of spicules from marine sponges, Biophys. J., 86(1), 2004, 526-534.

10. Milanesio M., Croce G., Frache A., Marchese L., Viterbo D., da silva C.F., Oliveira E.C., Pastore H.O., The Transformation of Lamellar ALPO-Kanemite into chabasite-type CAL-1 3D Molecular Sieve: a Structural Study, Stud. Surf. Sci. and Catal., 158, 2005, 311-318.

Selected Congress Comunications

1. M. Milanesio, G. Appendino, P. Ugliengo, D. Viterbo - Structural and conformational studies on Taxoid antitumour drugs- Abstract  C6-O3 - XVIII Congress of the European Union of Crystallography, Praha (Czech Republic), August 1998.

2. Milanesio, P. J. De Clercq, Sheng-Ze Zhou, M. Sey, K. Berckmoes, D. Viterbo - Ciclizzazione abiotica di derivati dell’ossidosqualene:  struttura cristallina e molecolare di due prodotti policiclici Abstract MS3-3-O2 - XXIX Congresso della Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia, Napoli (Italia), September 1999.

4. C. Lamberti, M. Milanesio, S. Bordiga, A. Zecchina, G. L. Marra, F. Testa, R. Aiello, G. Artioli and D. Viterbo, -Determination of preferential substitution sites in Fe- and Ti-silicalite catalysts: a diffraction study”, presentated at Dalton Discussion 3, Inorganic Crystal Engineering (session Properties and Characterization)-, Bologna (I), September 2000.

5. M. Milanesio, D. Viterbo, C. Lamberti, L. Palin, F. Testa, R. Aiello, A challenging problem: locating 2% of heteroatoms in twinned Fe and Ga silicalite microcrystals.Krakow, Poland, August 2001.

6. M. Milanesio, D. Viterbo, L. Palin, G. L. Marra, C. Lamberti, R. Aiello, F. Testa, Structure analysis of substituted silicalites, compared to a pure and “defect-free” MFI-silicalite, by synchrotron radiation single crystal X-ray diffraction, 2nd FEZA Conference, Taormina - Giardini Naxos, Italy, September 2002.

7. Marco Milanesio. Experimental and theoretical structural chemistry: from the "perfect crystal" to the "perfect nothing", "Young crystallographer award - XXXIII congress of the Italian Crystallographic Association, Trieste July 2003.

8. Milanesio M., Croce G., Viterbo D., Frache A., Marchese L., Pastore O.H., "X-ray Powder Diffraction Investigation on the Copper Location in Cu exchanged MCM-22" - III Workshop on Oxide Based Materials, Como, September 2004.

9. Milanesio Marco, Enrico Boccaleri, Gianluca Croce, Leonardo Marchese, Davide Viterbo, Wouter van Beek, Hermann Emerich, "A combined Raman-X-ray powder diffraction study at non ambient condition" - XX IUCr General Assembly, Firenze, Italy, August 2005.

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