The ShareGrid Peer-to-Peer Desktop Grid: Infrastructure, Applications, and Performance Evaluation


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Desktop Grids are computing infrastructures that aggregate a set of desktop-class machines in which all the participating entities have the same roles, responsibilities, and rights. In this paper, we present ShareGrid, a P2P Desktop Grid infrastructure based on the OurGrid middleware, that federates the resources provided by a set of small research laboratories to easily share and use their computing resources. We discuss the techniques and tools we employed to ensure scalability, efficiency, and usability, and describe the various applications used on it. We also demonstrate the ability of ShareGrid of providing good performance and scalability by reporting the results of experimental evaluations carried out by running various applications with different resource requirements. Our experience with ShareGrid indicates that P2P Desktop Grids can represent an effective answer to the computing needs of small research laboratories, as long as they provide both ease of management and use, and good scalability and performance.

Journal of Grid Computing, 8(4), pp. 543–570