EasyCloud is a toolkit for multi-cloud instance management, written in Python. With EasyCloud, a user can interact with multiple cloud platforms (such as OpenStack, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform) at the same time to manage her/his instances, such as:

  • starting/stoping/cloning an instance,
  • managing floating IP addresses and volumes,
  • monitoring the health status,
  • gathering metrics data from instances and sending them to multiple sinks (e.g., to save them in plain CSV files or in a Redis data store, or to publish them to Apache Kafka, or even pushing them on external monitoring systems like Prometheus),
  • creating/managing policies in order to prevent faults (i.e., “if the CPU utilization is higher than P%, then clone it”).

For more details, please visit the EasyCloud project page.

Marco Guazzone
Marco Guazzone
Associate Professor of Computer Science

My research interests include distributed computing systems and paradigms as well as digital forensics.